Tree Surgery

At Cook Arboricultural we share a great affinity with trees and their future health and preservation. We offer a variety of tree surgery options with the welfare of the individual tree and its environment being the most important consideration. We do not believe in doing unnecessary work on trees, and unless under the client’s specific instruction, we will always recommend a course of treatment that promotes the trees preservation.

There are a variety of different tree surgery options, the correct course of action depends on the issue raised by the client:


If a tree has outgrown its environment and/or the roots are causing problems with subsidence, a crown reduction maybe necessary. Using rope access techniques our climbers can reach all areas of the tree canopy and reduce the extremity of the crown to a size agreed by the client. Cuts are made to growth points leaving an ascetically pleasing result.


We only recommend pollarding as a course of action as a means of keeping a tree that has become a problem. This is a way of preserving the tree, however the treatment leaves a bare structure for a temporary period until the tree can establish regrowth. Regrowth is weak and re pollarding will need to be undertaken every 2 – 4 years.

Target pruning:

This course of action can be used on a tree that needs a slight re-shape or an extremity of the crown bringing back into line.

Crown cleaning/thinning:

Certain species when influenced by their site-specific environment naturally have a crowded, overgrown interior canopy. Continual pruning on trees can also induce this characteristic. The result can be damaging to the long- term health of the tree as it using energy stock on growth that has no actual benefit to its survival. Branches that grow inwards or rub against each other can leave open wounds that are access points for infection. Trees that have dense interior growth often look unsightly and can be crown cleaned to remove any detrimental or unnecessary branches.

Tree removal:

Removing a tree maybe a viable or necessary option if it is dead or dying and presents a potential hazard. This can often seem like a difficult task, especially in urban areas. Our skilled team use technical rigging equipment so the tree can be dismantled and processed in a controlled environment causing minimal impact on the surrounding area.